Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Big news!

I promised you big news and here it is:

PRESS RELEASE: Angelic Knight Press Becomes Ragnarok’s Supernatural Horror Imprint

Crestview Hills, Kentucky, December 15, 2014—Things are about to get pretty horrible around Ragnarok Publications this coming New Year. That’s right, they have acquired a new horror imprint, Angelic Knight Press (AKP).

This acquisition will mark a new chapter in the evolution of the company’s structure, and Ragnarok founders J.M. Martin and Tim Marquitz couldn’t be more pleased to join forces with the talented people behind AKP. Stacey Turner will be joining Ragnarok as the Managing Editor of the imprint, along with Danielle Day who will assist in the day-to-day operations.

A select few Angelic Knight titles will transition over to Ragnarok, to include Kirk Dougal’s Dreams of Ivory and Gold, Aaron Gudmunson’s SnowglobeDeath’s Kiss by Kim Williams-Justesen, and a handful of anthologies including Lincoln Crisler’sThat Hoodoo, Voodoo That You DoDemon Rum edited by Stacey Turner and Clint Collins, No Place Like Home, and Fairly Wicked Tales.

Alongside these great books, AKP’s first releases of 2015 will be Tuskers by Duncan McGeary and the fabulous foursome of Stacey Turner, Mercedes M. Yardley, C.W. LaSart, and Allison M. Dickson with Grimm Mistresses, a sordid collection of fairy tales gone horribly awry.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Stacey and Danielle again, having partnered with them on several projects,” says Ragnarok’s Editor-in-Chief, Tim Marquitz. “They’re fabulous people with a ton of experience and talent, whose addition to Ragnarok is a great boon for us.”

“I’m excited about this move for Angelic Knight,” says Managing Editor, Stacey Turner. “Ragnarok is every bit as committed to putting out quality work — both the author’s and the publisher’s — as we are, so the union is natural. I can’t wait to start reissuing some of our catalog through Ragnarok and finding new books to bring to our readers.”

Angelic Knight Press was originally founded in 2011 by Blaze McRob and Quinn Cullen with Stacey Turner taking over ownership of the company in May, 2012. AKP released approximately 24 titles until ownership transferred to Ragnarok Publications in November 2014. Turner remains the imprint’s Managing Editor and AKP employee Danielle Day has also been retained as Acquisitions Editor.

Ragnarok Publications was founded in 2013 by Joseph M. Martin and Tim Marquitz, and began publishing in January 2014. Ragnarok quickly grew through a combination of retail releases and crowdfunding campaigns for their anthology collections featuring several New York Times bestselling authors. They released 22 titles in their first year of operation, and near the end of 2014 transitioned their supernatural horror list to the Angelic Knight Press imprint. 
New Angelic Knight Press Imprint Logo (above). Right-click to download.


More from Stacey Turner: “I’ve admired Ragnarok Publications since its inception. Tim and Joe hit the ground running and haven’t let up. Between their amazing Kickstarter campaigns and the quality of work they’re turning out, there’s a lot to like, so when Tim asked me what I thought about an acquisition/merger in which Angelic Knight Press would become their new horror imprint, I was flattered. It didn’t take much to see that with the benefit of their great street team, publicist, and direction I’d be doing AKP and its authors a great favor.”

Note: The transition of AKP titles and website will take place gradually over the next 4–10 weeks.

We certainly hope you'll join us at our new home:


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