Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Word Out Wednesday!

And it's Word Out Wednesday. Today's awesome piece of swag is this fantastic Snow Globe mug I received in the mail just yesterday! Who doesn't want a horrifying face staring at them first thing in the morning? Also can be used to disturb your guests. Unwanted company too early in the morning? They won't stay long once you hand them this guy!

And this mug can be yours for simply Facebook sharing, tweeting, blogging, or simply linking to yesterday's fantastic review of Snow Globe. Find the review here.

These Word Out Wednesdays have been going great. We've had tons of shares, retweets, and shout outs. And we'd like to thank you all for your help. However, only one can win the swag. Last week's winner is Carrie Lea Cote! Thanks for shouting out, Carrie.


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