Monday, September 15, 2014

Markdown Monday--Snow Globe

Welcome to Markdown Monday, hoping to make your Mondays a little brighter, well, ok, scarier. Today's markdown title is the 'chock-full-of-yummy-scary-goodness' novel, Snow Globe. Hopefully you visited us for Free Read Friday and devoured the excerpt provided there. If not, do so NOW. And if that doesn't whet your appetite for a good horror novel, I don't know what will.

Snow Globe is everything a good supernatural horror novel should be: sympathetic, yet flawed characters you can root for, thrust into an abnormal (and horrific) situation, and a completely terrifying supernatural menace. I'd lock my doors and make sure I was tucked in tight before delving in, if I were you. So c'mon, you know you want to, hurry over to Smashwords and take advantage of our largesse.

You can find Snow Globe on Smashwords by clicking this link--> LINK. Then, just use coupon code: JA97H. It will take the price down to just $1.99. Coupon expires Friday.

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