Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Free Read

Today's Friday Free Read is an excerpt from Aaron Gudmunson's novel, Snow Globe. It was hard to find an excerpt to put up, because I love the whole damn book. It's visual, it's scary, and it's well written. The synopsis is~

Trapped in a bar by the biggest snowstorm in over a century, Ben Clary will learn sometimes humans are the worst monsters of all.

Ben Clary is an everyday workingman who caps off an afternoon of holiday shopping with a drink at his favorite watering hole. Before long, he is intoxicated, and a brutal winter storm descends, trapping him and his fellow patrons. Being trapped by a storm is bad enough; finding out something terrible lurks outside, in the snow, is far worse.

One by one, unseen assailants pick off the patrons until one of them, a local historian claims, the attackers may be the remnants of a clan caught up in an ancient blood feud said to have occurred at the site of the tavern - and that they crave human flesh.    

Soon Ben learns the cannibal clansmen are the least of his worries. The true monsters are way more terrifying ... and closer to home.

The scene I've excerpted is close to the beginning of the book, where things are just starting to take a turn for the worse. Ben has stopped in his favorite watering hole, knowing he should have gone straight home where his fiancée is waiting for him. He's had a few drinks, more friends have shown up, but he knows he should go. He's caught between the irresistible call of alcohol, warmth, and companionship, and the urge to do the responsible thing, when Mel, the fiancée calls him.

I hope you enjoy the free read. If so, tell your friends. And look for Snow Globe as our Monday Markdown title next week. It has 15 reviews on Amazon, the majority of them 5 star. I highly recommend it.

So just click on the "Friday Free Reads" tab at the top of the blog and enjoy.


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