Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Free Read

Today's Friday Free Read comes from the pages of Fifty Shades of Decay, and is one of only two I dare post online without an 'adults only' warning.

Fifty Shades of Decay is our spoof of that other Fifty Shades book, done zombie style. Because, well, someone had to do it, right? It actually has 51 short (under 2000 words) stories of zombies, lust, and love. Some are violent and gory, some are vaguely sweet, all are different takes on the theme. It's gotten good reviews from those who've read it, and mixed emotions from those who haven't.

Give Dan Lanerd's tale, "Ménage à Trauma," a look. It's mostly safe for work. And then look for our Monday Markdown on this interesting anthology.

Because, well, you know you want to ...


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