Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Free Read!

It's Free Read Friday! Where did the week go? Today's Free Read comes to you from the pages of Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls. Kate Monroe's contribution, "Lullaby," was one of my favorite stories and I think you'll like it as well. I want to thank Kate for allowing us to reprint her story here on our blog, and also to say, "Congratulations on the new arrival!" You can find our more about Kate on her blog.

I want to thank everyone who is following on our Free Read Fridays. If you don't mind, please give them a share. And if you're of a mind, leave us a comment either here or on our Facebook profile.

In other AKP news, we're looking for book reviewers and blog tour hosts. Both parties will receive a free copy of the eBook they're hosting and our undying gratitude. We ask for honest reviews. If you're interested in helping us out in either capacity, please email us at or message us on our Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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