Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shots of Terror

Get your party on! Well, your reading party anyway. Shot of Terror, our short companion anthology to Demon Rum and Other Evil Spirits, is now available at both Amazon and Smashwords! This anthology features six tales of alcohol inspired terror that, while they didn't make the final anthology, were just too good to let go. Think of it as a pre-party, warm-up to the full anthology.

Shots of Terror features six stories by talented authors~

"The Wild Hunt" by Tina Callaghan pits the "regulars" at a small Irish pub against an ancient evil from Irish folklore.

"Crow Killer" by Michael Collins features a police officer who goes against his better judgment during a drug bust and suffers for it.

"Scrumpy Making in the West Country" by Steven Gepp features a man who's single-minded insistence on making the best scrumpy threatens everyone around him.

"Last Call" by Sheldon Woodbury follows a man who thinks he's got his drunken "game" down to an art. But who'll have the last laugh?

"Blades in Moonlight" by Sean Eret follows a newspaper reporter's quest for an exclusive on a new party drug. Maybe she shouldn't have had that first taste...

"The Merry Green Widows of Waterman's Inn" by Rachel Anding explores what happens when a painter gets lost in the Louisiana bayou. That tavern may look like the best port in a storm...

And the best part? All this for only 99 cents.

Bottoms up,

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