Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Meet our new Marketing Director

We announced a couple of weeks ago on Facebook that we'd hired a new Marketing Director. I'd like you all to meet Kim Williams-Justesen.

Kim Williams-Justesen is a native of Salt Lake City, but don't let that you fool you. She had parents who believed in letting their kids see the world to give them a broader perspective. She acquired her love of books and writing at a very early age, and her mother has the poetry she wrote at age four to prove it, though if Kim has sworn to do bodily harm to anyone who actually tries to see any of it. 
She graduated from Westminster College, a private, liberal arts college in Salt Lake, with a degree in Speech Communications. She went on to spend 12 years working in public relations and advertising where she wrote brochures, video scripts, radio and television ads, press releases, speeches, and pretty much anything else that no one wanted to write. With the arrival of her third kid, she decided that spending as much as she made on the cost of daycare was ridiculous, so she opted out of a full-time job. She taught classes part time on marketing and advertising for small businesses and did freelance public relations for small clients. All the while she was writing things to amuse herself.
At some point, Kim decided to try being a professional writer, and she started out by making every mistake a beginning writer can make and probably a few that other beginners hadn't thought of. Frustrated with doing things the hard way, she finally found several writing organizations and began attending conferences. She wrote for local publications and several early Internet information companies (anyone remember CitySearch?). In 2001, she applied to Vermont College of Fine arts and was accepted into their creative writing program. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in 2003. Her creative thesis for this program became her first published novel, a middle grade book entitled "Kiss Kiss Bark." 
Kim has drawn on her PR and marketing background to promote her books, begin offering writing workshops, and now to help Angelic Knight Press step out of their humble shadows and take their place in the sun. She has a boat-load of ideas to help both the company and the authors it publishes and she is excited to work with the amazing, talented, and somewhat disturbed individuals who are associated with AKP! And yeah, she knows she's one of those disturbed individuals.
Kim welcomes your comments, questions, and suggestions at, and don't be surprised if she contacts you directly. We're all in this together! Here's to the future and to future success!
 In case you're wondering what a Marketing Director does exactly, Kim's duties will include working with our authors to arrange blog tours, interviews, and any other promotional ideas she can help them with. She'll be responsible for some of our social media, for our ads (print and Internet), and for promotional materials.

Please do not contact Kim to inquire about submissions or publishing timelines. Those questions should still be directed to the Angelic Knight Press email and addressed to either the acquisitions editor, Danielle, or myself.

We're glad to have Kim on board and know that she will be a fantastic addition to our team. She quickly realized you don't have to be crazy to work here, but it certainly helps.


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