Friday, February 7, 2014

Cover Reveal for Snow Globe

And it's time for a cover reveal! Once again our Artistic Director, Rebecca Treadway, has wowed us with a fantastic cover. The truly creepy feel this one engenders fits perfectly with the horrific elements in Aaron Gudmunson's novel. A story that not only features a supernatural horror, but reminds us man's inhumanity to man often makes us the scariest monsters.

Ben Clary is an everyday working man who caps off an afternoon of holiday shopping with a drink at his favorite watering hole. Before long, he is intoxicated, and a brutal winter storm descends, trapping him and his fellow patrons. Being trapped by a storm is bad enough, finding out something terrible lurks outside, in the snow, is far worse.
One by one unseen assailants pick off the patrons until one of them, a local historian, claims the attackers may be the remnants of a clan caught up in an ancient blood feud said to have occurred at the site of the tavern--and they crave human flesh.
Soon Ben learns the cannibal clansmen are the least of his worries. The true monsters are way more terrifying ... and closer to home.
With all the winter white stuff we've had this year I'm sure nearly everyone can relate to the feeling of being trapped by a blizzard. Snow Globe takes that feeling three leaps farther. You won't want to miss this one. Just don't gaze out into the snow filled darkness afterward...
Coming the end of February to Amazon, Smashwords, and other fine book retailers.


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