Friday, November 22, 2013

Exciting News & Updates!

So many exciting tidbits to tell you about, I don't even know where to start! First, we've finished our production line-up for next year! That's right, folks, every sub we read from now on will be looking at finding a home in 2015 because 2014 is all booked up. Our tentative schedule looks like this:
January- Fairly Wicked Tales anthology
February- Snowglobe by Aaron Gudmunson
March- Demon Rum and Other Evil Spirits anthology, edited by Stacey Turner & Clint Collins
April- Dreams of Ivory and Gold by Kirk Dougal
May- Anthology to be announced
June- open
July- open
August- open
September- Wild West horror anthology to be announced
October- Dark Rituals anthology, edited by Lincoln Crisler
November- Down in the Hollow by Timothy C. Hobbs
December- open
You'll notice a few open spots, but those are place markers for some of our ongoing book series, the Southern Hauntings Saga by Bryan Hall should have a new installment. The Wisteria Hedge Haven Clan series by Cindy Keen Reynders will have a new book, and we're hoping Tim Marquitz is gracious enough to collaborate on another anthology. And well, occasionally we need down time to catch up. I'll update our schedule as those projects work their way in.
We still have some projects coming out this year as well: Cadaver Dogs (a zombie novella), No Place Like Home: Tales From a Fractured Future (scifi/horror anthology), Death's Kiss (YA paranormal), and Conversations with the Demon in Devil's Tower: the Story of Rose Jenkins (a Gothic tale). So save those Christmas pennies for purchases.
The Demon Rum subs are flying in. We already have some awesome stories, but we need more. So keep them coming. We'll be putting out at least one more sub call before the end of the year, so keep your creative caps on.
And remember, we love reviews! And appreciate each and every one of our readers and fans.
Have a great weekend!


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