Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Q & A about our open sub call for Demon Rum and Other Evil Spirits

We've received a few questions about our open sub call for Demon Rum and Other Evil Spirits. So I thought I'd answer them here, in case anyone else was wondering the same things. So here goes:

1. Will you consider non liquid spirits like pills or other drugs? Yes, any form of poison you want to write about works for us.

2. How strict are you on word count? Anyone who's worked with us before knows that word count is never a strict rule with me. I would much rather have a great story that falls short of the stated word count, than one that meets it, but falls flat. That said, I'd rather not have many stories that go over the word count limit. There is almost always room to cut.

3. Will you accept reprints? As a rule, we don't accept reprints unless they are from extremely well established authors (think Stoker winners), but we will consider them. However, if you are sending a reprint, you must include the following information: where the story was first published, first publication (and any subsequent publications), and the date when the rights reverted to you.

4. Will you accept multiple submissions from the same author? We will. But we will only choose one per author, if we choose one at all. But please, don't drown us in subs.

5. What is the deadline for submissions? I do apologize for the disagreement between the picture and the blog post. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2013.

Also, I want to remind everyone that we do NOT open for submissions until November 1, 2013. Any subs sent prior to this date will be deleted unread.

Thanks, and good luck to all who submit. I'm looking forward to reading some truly great work!


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  1. I forgot the one about payment! Payment is one print and one electronic contributor's copy, plus shared royalties.



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