Saturday, October 26, 2013


So, what kind of goodies do I have for you today? How about a romantic collection by fifty one rather disturbed aficionados of pushing their talents to the limits? Yes, me lads and lassies, we are talking Zombie erotica at its best. This collection has so many over the top stories with so many great authors, it is shocking. I don't know about you, but I love to be shocked. fifty shades of decay is unlike anything you have ever read before. The review by Melissa Stevens was picked for a reason for its inclusion here. Melissa is not a reader who would normally be found reading an anthology such as this. But she read it, and she liked it. You will too.

How do you win this great anthology in ebook form? Tell me who the great editor is that went through these twisted tales. It's that simple.

Have fun, my friends. And remember. Zombies need love too. P.S. I have a story in this. Mine is a rather sweet love tale. Or not.  :)

Blaze McRob

Book Description

February 17, 2013
**Mature Audiences Only**

What's sexy about zombies? 51 authors answered that question with wild, weird, and titillating tales. From love during the apocalypse, to love that goes beyond the grave and back again, to love that well, never dies, you'll find these pages filled with desires demanding to be fufilled, hungers to be slaked, and lovers who won't let a little thing like death (or undeath) come between them. Do zombies need sex as much as they need brains? What would you do to bring a lover back from the dead? What if you survived the apocalypse only to find yourself alone and sexually frustrated?

Light some candles, put on some mood music, and cozy up with 50 Shades of Decay. The zombie sexpocalypse has begun...

4.0 out of 5 stars A myriad of stories!, March 15, 2013
This review is from: Fifty Shades of Decay (Kindle Edition)
First, I want to reiterate, this book is rated MA for a reason. This is not a book for the squeamish either! With fifty-one different authors, there is plenty of variety in this collection. And while some were able to gross out the best of 'em, (me), there were others that ... dare I say ... touched me with sincerity and possibly a bit of romanticism. And then there were others that were just plain hot. :)

If you enjoy zombies, and can handle a fair amount of guts, gore and ... other parts ... then I suggest a read. With fifty-one stories, there's bound to be a couple for everyone's taste!


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    1. Lori Parker! You are our winner! We will get your information. Enjoy this great book.


  2. Fifty shades of decay, I like that.

    1. I wish the title had been my idea, but it wasn't, A.F. :(



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