Monday, September 16, 2013

New Open Sub Call

It's anthology time again. This time around, I'll be sharing the editor chair with Clint Collins. Many of you may have read his story, "Death and Love in Manhattan," in our Fifty Shades of Decay anthology. Many of you may know him through the Horror Writer's Association, since he's been a member for quite some time. And a few of you were probably lucky enough to meet him and his lovely wife at the World Horror Convention in New Orleans. For those of you who don't know him, you can check him out on Goodreads or read an interview with him here.

Clint came to me with a great idea for an anthology and you know how much I love anthologies! Then Rebecca Treadway worked us up some amazing cover art. So without further ado~

All the significant info is on the picture. Submissions open November 1st and stories should be sent to with "Demon Rum Sub" on the subject line. Submissions close on December 31st, with proposed publication being March 2014. So start those imaginations, and get to work. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for this one.



  1. I have an easy question, I think. Is there an issue using a brand name like Captain Morgan, or would you prefer it just be rum?

  2. Is this a paying gig--even a token payment? Or is a contributor copy our payment? Lemme know! :-)

  3. Oh, this sounds exciting. Might have to see what I can dig up...(oh, was that a pun??) :)

    1. I like it as well, DRC. I like your pun.


  4. The picture says the deadline's December 21st, but the text says the 31st. Which is it?

  5. I know spirits usually refers to the liquid kind, but do drugs/pills qualify as well?

  6. Can you confirm the submission deadline please? As Sean points out it is given as 21st December in the cover art, and 31st December in the text.


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