Saturday, August 3, 2013

And we're open!

 And we're open for submissions once more! Please be sure to read our submission guidelines before submitting. We get a bit peevish when they aren't followed, and our much more likely to look upon your submission favorably if we can tell that you were serious enough to research your market and pay attention to guidelines. We can't take you seriously as a professional, if you don't take yourself that way.

Those checking the guidelines will note that we have changed our reply time to 12 weeks. We are sorry to have to do so, but due to the volume of submissions, as well as all of our other projects, we simply need more time. But the good news is, we do read nearly every submission that comes through. We don't read submissions who's cover letters contain a variety of mistakes (or strange fonts), don't include information about the author, or don't explain what it is your submitting. However, we won't reject you simply because we don't know your name, you're not a member of the right club, or your second cousin twice removed once stepped on Danielle's toes. Promise.

So get those subs rolling in. We're looking for next year's crop of fabulous books.

We will close again from December 1st to February 1st. So no dilly-dallying, please.


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