Wednesday, June 19, 2013

World Horror Convention 2013

The picture shows the presence of Angelic Knight Press in the dealer room of the 2013 World Horror convention. As you can see, we had a sweet corner spot with plenty of room for our posters! We brought lots of stock and some great swag to give away.

We collected names on an email sign up sheet and took some tshirts and mugs to give away. Winners will be notified by email. We also had pens, but those disappeared pretty darn quickly!

As you can see in the second picture, we had fantastic posters for both Fading Light and Fifty Shades of Decay. And boy did Fifty Shades draw in the customers. It seems that anthology has mass appeal. So much so, we may consider a sequel. More on that later.

And in the third picture, you can see that we had a fantastic poster for author Kim Despins' debut novel, The Keeper. We received many compliments on the poster. In fact, most people complimented us on our covers. Special shout out to our cover artist and artistic director, Rebecca Treadway, for her fabulous work.

We were super excited to see many of our authors at the Conference. Danielle and I both enjoyed meeting Armand Rosamilia, Lori Wolfe Safranek, Mandy DeGeit, Ryan Lawler, Tim Baker, Aaron Gudmunson, Jay Willburn, T. Fox Dunham, and Clint Collins in person after working with them. We were very happy to get to spend time with Kim Despins, James Gurley, Tim Marquitz, Caren Widner Hanten, Benjamin Kane Etheridge, and Hal Bodner at this con. And those are just the authors we've got projects with! We met many other authors, editors, and an agent we'd love to work with. Also, a special shout out to book reviewers Char Hardin and Ann Giardina Magee. It was lovely to chat with you two ladies as well.

I must admit to some fan girl moments, like hugging Heather Graham, chatting with Alexandra Sokoloff, meeting Jonathon Maberry, and sharing an elevator with Ramsey Campbell. I wonder if "awesome" is catching?

We took some pitches and got some ideas for upcoming anthologies. This coming year will be jam packed with new books and anthology projects, as well as a few surprises. We really had a great time. We sold books, we made connections, and we got excited by all of the new ideas presented to us.

Our best seller at the conference was The Keeper, followed by Fifty Shades of Decay. But every book sold at least one copy (and most more). Who says you can't sell paranormal romance at a horror convention? You most certainly can!

Lest you think we were all work and no play--here are a few other pictures of us enjoying ourselves:

Danielle and I with Bob Meracle, avid collector
Danielle photo bombing Ryan Lawler and Tim Marquitz
Me with authors Jaime Johnsee and C. W. LaSart
Danielle and I with Tim Marquitz
Tim Marquitz, Armand Rosamilia, and myself
Can't wait until next year. See you all in Portland, Oregon, in 2014.


  1. It was awesome meeting you both, I assure you. You made me feel like part of the "team" so to speak and I really appreciated it.

  2. Really wish I could've been there, looks like you had a great time. And so happy to hear 50 Shades sold well!

  3. Once again, I wish to thank Stacey and Danielle for doing such a great job in New Orleans. Events such as this might seem to be lavish when one first thinks about it, but they are very necessary for Press recognition. Everyone has a great time, books are sold, people meet online friends, and new friends and contacts are made. It's a win/win for everybody!



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