Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taking Pitches at WHC

Our table at KillerCon
World Horror Convention in New Orleans is rapidly approaching. We wanted to let everyone know that we will have a table in the vendor's room. We'll have books, postcards, magnets, book marks, and some awesome giveaway prizes. I hope that everyone will stop by and at least say "hi."

While we will not be taking formal pitches during the scheduled pitch sessions, we are amenable to taking pitches in unlikely locales. Either Danielle or I will be at the table for most of the convention, so feel free to stop by and pitch to us right there. Unless of course, we have a huge line of buyers. Buy us a drink in the hotel bar, or find us at one of the many parties, and give us your pitch. I've found that formal pitch sessions make authors nervous. And I don't want people to be nervous when they pitch to us. We're friendly, down to earth people and want people to be comfortable around us. I think that makes it easier to get a sense of the author and for them to get a sense of us. A head's up, if you will, on whether we'll work together well or if we have different visions.

What are we looking for? Well written novels, novellas, and short story collections. Original ideas, not just retellings of the same tired tropes. What I don't want is excessive gore, violence, and splatterpunk. There are presses who like those types of books, so save those for them. Danielle and I are most likely to publish a book that emotionally involves us with it's characters. Look at our past releases and see if your work fits.

But most of all, relax. Get to know us. We don't bite ... hard. :)

See you in NOLA,


  1. Ooh, I wish I could be there with you ladies, Stacey! Maybe next year!


  2. And remember - if the gumbo is based in tomato sauce - it's not gumbo!

    1. Faux gumbo would not be good at all, Rebecca.



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