Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fairly Wicked Tales-- ToC

We have finally chosen our stories for Fairly Wicked Tales. I'd like to congratulate everyone who's name will be appearing in the Table of Contents. We've found 23 re-told tales to satisfy even the hardcore horror fan's among you. Each tale retells the well known story you think you know, but from the innocent villain's point of view. I guarantee these are not your children's fairy tales.

Told from dark and dismal places, our new heroes and heroines tell you how they were wronged by people of despicable evil. Some time's a pretty face hides an ugly heart.

We've gathered established authors and new blood. Their combined efforts will keep you thinking long after you turn out the light. Don't miss this one!

Table of Contents
Sacrificed by Laura Snapp
Sweetheart, the Dream Is Not Yet Ended by Gary W. Olsen
Gingerbread by Hal Bodner
The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Armand Rosamilia
The Glass Coffin by Dawn Cartwright
Little Beauty by Matthew Hughes
A Blue Light Turned Black by Wison Geiger
Red by Katie Young
Rum's Daughter by Eric Bakutis
Crumbs by Adam Millard
Let Down Your Hair by Eugenia Rose
The Song of Bones by Vekah McKeown
Al-Adrian and the Magic Lamp by Tais Teng
Fisherman and his Wife by Bennie Newsome
The Ash Maid's Revenge by Kostos Paradias
A Thrice Spun Tale by Suzi M.
Hare's Tale by Jay Willburn
The Golden Goose by Robert Holtgrewe
His Heart's Desire by Fay Patterson
The Price of the Sea by David Matteri
A Prick of the Quill by Pepper Scoville
Bloodily Ever After by Reece Barnard
It Comes at Night by JP Behrens
I don't have a sneak peek at artwork yet, as Rebecca Treadway is doing an original painting for this fabulous cover. Look for Fairly Wicked Tales in late August/early September.

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  1. A huge well done to everyone! So glad to have taken part and can't wait to see the final product :)


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