Friday, May 17, 2013

Closing to subs for a short time...

We will be officially closing to subs on June 1st. We've received so many in the last few months that we simply can't keep up. And while that's a happy circumstance, and we feel loved and respected, we like to be able to give each sub the time and review it deserves (nothing worse than trying to hurry through reading something). So we're going to close to submissions for the next two months and work through our back load.

If you have something you've submitted to us, bear with us. We'll get back to you on it as soon as we possibly can. If you have something you've been wanting to submit, you have two weeks to get it in.

We will officially close to submissions June 1st-August 1st. This also gives us a little time to spend with our families this summer. Don't worry though, we'll still be working on our upcoming projects.



  1. A lot of Presses have specific submission periods. That Angelic Knight Press should be the only one not to allow itself this time to take a deep breath would be ludicrous. There are certainly many great offerings coming up!

    Spend quality time with your families, ladies.


  2. Agents do this, also, from time to time (you know this, but your readers might not). And with that huge fairy tale anthology being wrapped up, sounds like the perfect time for breather. Enjoy the break!

  3. See? This is why I must get over my cowardice. LoL


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