Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fairly Wicked Tales- further clarifications

Well, submissions have certainly been rolling in for the Fairly Wicked Tales anthology. Unfortunately, I think we need to do some further clarifications on what we're looking for in these stories. The main plot point I want to see is the character's role reversed. Make the heroine/hero bad and the villainess/villain good. For a great (and funny) example, check out the children's book, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.
Second, I'd like to advise everyone that if you pick a popular, well-known fairy tale you will be competing against others. You won't just be competing to be a well written tale, but the most well written tale of that particular story. Case in point- I already have three Snow White tales and three Little Red Riding Hood tales. I will only choose one of each. So pick your poison wisely.
Third, I'd prefer the tales are set in the past. I'm not looking for modern versions of old fairy tales. I'm looking for re-tellings of the original tale. I'd suggest reading some of the old books and learning from their style. There are still three and half weeks before the deadline. Anyone who has submitted a story they feel does not meet these updated guidelines, is welcome to submit another. I will accept multiple submissions for this anthology, since I didn't explain myself clearly the first sub call.

I apologize for any confusion as to what we were looking for in this anthology. As always, feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.



  1. I had completely forgotten about this. It's a good job you did have to explain yourself a second time. It reminded of what I still need to do :)


  2. Thanks! I was thinking about Red Riding Hood, so good point about doing something a little more obscure. :)


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