Friday, January 18, 2013

Open Sub Call: Fairly Wicked Tales

Get out those quills & ink and start burning the midnight oil. It's another open sub call from us. Our next anthology project is on the horizon. Remember those cozy Disney fairy tales you watched as a child? Dig deeper. Remember the somewhat horrifying Grimm's fairy tales you read by the light of your flashlight, under the covers, late at night? No. Oh. Maybe that was just me. Well if you haven't read the Grimm versions, you should hop to it lickety split because they are exactly the tone I'm looking for in these stories. Oh, but with a twist. I want the tales to be backwards. I want you to show me that the Grimm Brothers got it all wrong. The wicked stepmother? Really a sweet lady, but that Cinderella chick? Hell on heels. And Snow White? Pure as the newly driven snow, my butt. Hansel & Gretel? Let's just say that old, blind woman never saw it coming.

I want tales of terror about seemingly innocent heroes. Dark and gritty stories about not so perfect princesses. Tell me why Red Riding Hood was something far more horrifying than the Big Bad Wolf. Make me recognize the tale, but cringe when it's not as I remembered it.

Reading period opens February 1st. And the deadline is March 30th.

The tentative publishing date is June 1, 2013.

Payment will be shared royalties plus one print and one eBook contributor's copy. Authors will receive a discount on extra print copies.

Word length should be between 3000-8000.

Please see our submission guidelines for cover letter and formatting specifics.

As always, we are looking for original, well written stories that make us think. What's that? I think I hear the parchment calling your name ...




  1. I do believe I've just been inspired... This'll be fun!

  2. Hmmmm. Does the action have to take place during the original story, or are we able to reveal the twisted reality in the aftermath of the original tale?


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