Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cover Reveal for The Lurker

This is the cover for the third installment in the Southern Hauntings Saga by Bryan Hall. The Lurker picks up after The Girl and follows Crate Northgate to the town of Sutton Mills. Some thing's been stalking the town and they need Crate to deal with the problem. Witnesses can't give him much to go on, and not everyone is convinced he can help, including Crate himself. What's lurking in the woods around Sutton Mills? The answer will surprise you and nearly kill Crate.

And then there's Martin, Crate's dead brother. What is he trying to tell Crate? Can he lure Crate back to the one place he never wants to return to--home?

This is the creepiest installment of the series yet. Those of you who've been reading the series won't want to miss this one. And those of you who haven't, why not get started today? It all begins with The Vagrant. The first two novellas are available in eBook formats from Amazon and Smashwords.

Here's a sneak peak from The Lurker:

The rest of the day drug by, the dread slowly building as the sun moved across the picture perfect sky. Crate tried to get some sleep, but his room at the lodge felt cold and alien even with the daylight blazing through the window. He managed a couple of hours, according to the clock, but he didn't feel like he'd even slept.

            Mayor Jones and Sheriff Peters had supposedly spent the day spreading the word, as best they could, everyone in the town should stay indoors. Crate had protested, figuring the more people were aware about what was happening, the more likely some curious soul would venture out into the night and ruin everything. But he'd done well to talk them into his plan; a few concessions must be made, and if this made them feel better, fine.

            He knew it was their best chance at tracking down whatever the hell kept attacking people in the town. The sheriff had given him a shotgun to take with him, but there was still no escaping the cold, hard fact that the thought of what he might run into scared the hell out of him.

            Still, this was tangible. A mystery, maybe, but not the threatening, personal enigma which had materialized on the television screen in the wee hours of the morning. Somehow, the imminent danger was preferable to the lurking terror he had a hunch lay somewhere further ahead.

            As sunset approached, Crate pulled a hooded sweatshirt from his bag, pulled it on, and headed for the truck, leaving his room's light on, on the off chance he actually returned before daybreak. He fought his urge to down a couple of quick beers or—even better—whiskey shots. They'd damn sure make the first couple of hours more bearable, and he suspected once he was alone in the woods, he'd wish for them, but he needed to be sharp.

            Jones and Peters waited for him in the parking lot of the lodge.
The Lurker will be available early next week and a print book, containing the first three novellas; The Vagrant, The Girl, and The Lurker is coming next month.

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