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Fading Light, Anthology Of The Monstrous, edited by Tim Marquitz, and published by Angelic Knight Press, has been receiving some great press lately. See what all the buzz is about! You won't be sorry! I can vouch for the quality of these great tales!


The light has failed: the era of man is at its end.

Born of darkness, the creatures of myth, legend, and nightmare have long called the shadows home. Now, with the cruel touch of the sun fading into memory, they've returned to claim their rightful place amidst humanity: as its masters.

Fading Light collects 25 monstrous stories by authors new and experienced, in the genres of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, each bringing their own interpretation of what lurks in the dark.

Contributors: Mark Lawrence, Gene O'Neill, William Meikle, David Dalglish, Gord Rollo, Nick Cato, Adam Millard, Stephen McQuiggan, Gary W Olson, Tom Olbert, Malon Edwards, Carl Barker, Jake Elliot, Lee Mather, Georgina Kamsika, Dorian Dawes, Timothy Baker, DL Seymour, Wayne Ligon, TSP Sweeney, Stacey Turner, Gef Fox, Edward M Erdelac, Henry P Gravelle, & Ryan Lawler.

Editorial Reviews


"Fading Light is a perfect example of a well constructed anthology. A great unifying theme, talented authors, and more than two dozen short stories to sink your teeth into. Reading this reminded me of boyhood nights spent curled up in front of the television watching The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, or The Outer Limits, which I'm sure was exactly the point. Enjoy it on a stormy night...but be sure to leave the lights on and the doors locked." ~ Michael Sullivan, author of the Riyria Revelations

"Tim Marquitz has collected an extraordinary array of bleak and thrilling stories from some of the best writers in the game and a crop of marvelous newcomers with Fading Light. Read it before the darkness arrives and the world ends!" ~ Ed Kurtz, author of Bleed and Control

"With its Stellar lineup of authors and the great premise that gives them room to weave their magic, Fading Light accomplishes what far too many fail to: it stands out from the pack as something unique, terrifying, and wholly readable from first pages to last." ~ Bryan Hall, author of The Southern Hauntings Saga and Containment Room 7

From the Author

When I first started processing the idea of Fading Light, it was very much a testosterone-laden attempt at following in the footsteps of my friend/mentor/motivational Chihuahua, Lincoln Crisler. He put together the amazing Corrupts Absolutely? and showed me what could be done by an underdog when he puts his mind to it.

As Fading Light came together it evolved, but my vision was firmly rooted in the imagery of Lovecraft and the stark atmosphere of Stephen King's The Mist. I really wanted to dig into the idea that something lurked in the darkness, just waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. I wanted to experience the horrors of the unknown, terror looming.

Thanks to the wonderful authors involved in Fading Light, I believe I did just that. Jessy Lucero set the tone with her amazing cover art, and the cast of Fading Light pounded the feeling home.

So, it is with humble pride that I unleash Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous upon the world. I can only hope you find the same pleasure in reading these pieces as I did collecting them.

Tim Marquitz
El Paso, Texas
May 1, 2012

Lee Mather, Georgina Kamsika, Dorian Dawes, Timothy Baker, DL Seymour, Wayne Ligon, TSP Sw


eney, Stacey Turner, Gef Fox, Edward M Erdelac, Henry P Gravelle, & Ryan Lawler.

After purchasing the print book, simply send an email to and we will gladly send you a coupon for a free eBook copy of the Fading Light Companion, which contains 5 bonus stories!

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