Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Satan's Toybox: Terrifying Teddies

It's finally here! The third installment of the Satan's Toybox anthology series is now available on Amazon and Smashwords! Satan's Toybox: Terrifying Teddies is the scariest yet. Don't believe me? Read on:

Synopsis: Satan’s Toybox has escaped from Hell. In our world, vengeance is unleashed. This time around it’s everyone’s favorite toy. Ever wonder what’s beyond the huggable exterior and button eyes of your beloved Teddy Bear? Fourteen authors share their stories ...

Read on if you must, but don’t turn your back on these Terrifying Teddies.

Included in this anthology are tales of a Toy Shoppe where the proprietor might not be quite human, a costume you don't want to wear, fierce bears who defend what's theirs, and small children who aren't exactly what they seem. You'll never look at Teddy Bears (or children) quite the same way after this.

Print copies of the book should be available sometime in the next few weeks. We hope you all enjoy this great anthology. Remember, we love reviews!


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