Sunday, October 14, 2012

No Place Like Home: Tales From A Fractured Future

And here, at last, is the long awaited sneak peak at cover art and author list from our upcoming anthology. No Place Like Home: Tales From A Fractured Future is a sci-fi/horror blend of tales set in the not so distant future. Twenty two authors explore the theme of government gone horribly wrong. What happens when the "haves" decide public assistance needs to be repaid? What sort of payment would you be willing to give? Or how would you wriggle out of paying your share? These fine authors had no trouble imagining what would happen. Get ready to delve into the dark places their minds envisioned.
Congratulations to the fabulous authors who's stories made it to the Table of Contents. We had a ton of subs and competition was very stiff. And what about this awesome cover art? Rebecca Treadway does it again!
Look for the No Place Like Home anthology to go on sale the first part of November!

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  1. Looks great. Excited to be a part of this amazing lineup. Will be showing off at my blog tomorrow.

    Great job, Rebecca. And great job, AKP, for getting this authors together.

    Paul D. Dail


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