Wednesday, October 10, 2012




DarkMedia City, both on Facebook and a blog site-links above- champions the rights of independent literary, entertainment, and music communities. This is a great place to go to find the very best in wonderful  new authors and books, as well as many of your favorite authors and entertainers who you have already embraced.

This month has many giveaways for Halloween. The Halloween Trick-Or-Treat events are legion.

There are book discussions, book reviews, informative blogs, and so much more.

Eva Layne is working very hard on this website and deserves our support as much as she gives us hers. The best way for Indie folk to forge ahead and garner the respect we deserve is to band together and work for the common good. Eva recognizes this and allows us to do just that. Strength in numbers, my friends.

So go ahead: help yourself and your fellow artists. Become a member of DarkMediaCity. Now!


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