Monday, September 24, 2012


Stacey Turner has been hiding at KILLERCON. Okay, she hasn't exactly been hiding: she says she's been working. Hmmn. We'll find out more when she's back and has rested up a bit. She took Angelic Knight Press books with her and sold some. Well, that's a given. After all, our books are great! A lot of great people dropped by to see her, and I'm certain we will get some great new authors from the great trip to Vegas.

I'm wondering if she got to meet the great Jack Ketchum, or the fantastic Brian Keene. These two wonderful authors would certainly be on my list of must meet writers. I've talked with Brian on a number occasions, and find him to be a fascinating person.

Stay tuned, my friends, and get the low-down on what "really" happened at KILLERCON!


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