Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Take a peek at this list of great books up for Bram Stoker Award consideration. Angelic Knight Press' anthology Fading Light is included in the mix. We are mentioned with the best! Hat's off to everyone involved with this great anthology!


HWA Bram Stoker Award™ 2012 Reading List

This list of Bram Stoker Award Recommendations is compiled during the year by members of the Horror Writers Association. We make it available to the public as something of a 'reading list' for horror readers and fans. These works are all new horror published during the year that our members feel worthy of recommending for Bram Stoker Award consideration. They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction., poetry and non-fiction published during the year. For full detail about the Bram Stoker Awards, please visit: http://www.horror.org/stokers.htm. Early in each year the Horror Writers Association announces its Preliminary Bram Stoker Awards Ballot, made up of both members' recommendations and jury selections. A month or so later, we announce the Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot, which lists the official nominees for the awards. Full detail of the members' recommendation and jury selection processses and the ballots are included in the Bram Stoker Awards Rules.
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AnthologyStan SwansonSlices of Flesh
Dark Moon Books
AnthologyEric J. GuignardDark Tales of Lost Civilizations
Dark Moon
AnthologyR.J. Cavender, Mark C. Scioneaux, Robert S. WilsonHorror For Good
Cutting Block Press
AnthologyLincoln CrislerCorrupts Absolutely
Damnation Books
AnthologySnutch LabsTales from the Yellow Rose Diner and fill station
Sideshow Press
AnthologyTheresa Dillon and Marc CiccaroneNight Terrors II
Blood Bound Books
AnthologyJason V Brock and William F. NolanThe Devil's Coattails
Cycatrix Press
AnthologyMichael BaileyChiral Mad
Written Backwards
AnthologyPatrick ScalisiThe Ghost is the Machine
Post Mortem Press
AnthologyPaul AndersonTorn Realities
Post Mortem Press
AnthologyTim MarquitzFading Light
Angelic Knight Press
Fiction CollectionC.W. LaSartAd Nauseam
Dark Moon Books
Fiction CollectionCorrine De WinterValentines for the Dead
Shadowfall Publications
Fiction CollectionKenneth W. CainThese Old Tales - The Complete Collection
CreateSpace - Distressed Press
Fiction CollectionJohn F. D. TaffLittle Deaths
Books of the Dead Press
Fiction CollectionScott ThomasUrn and Willow
Dark Regions Press
Fiction CollectionFelicity DowkerBread and Circuses
Ticonderoga Publications
Fiction CollectionJoe McKinneyThe Red Empire and Other Stories
Redrum Horror
Fiction CollectionCody GoodfellowAll Monster Action
Swallowdown Press
Fiction CollectionConnie Corcoran WilsonHellfire & Damnation II
Merry Blacksmith Press
Fiction CollectionGary McMahonTales of the Weak and Wounded
Dark Regions Press
Fiction CollectionGlen HirshbergThe Janus Tree and Other Stories
Subterranean Press
Fiction CollectionJeffrey FordCrackpot Palace
William Morrow
Fiction CollectionJohn MantoothShoebox Train Wreck
Fiction CollectionJonathan CarrollThe Woman Who Married a Cloud: The Collected Short Stories
Subterranean Press
Fiction CollectionKaaron WarrenThrough Splintered Walls
Twelve Planets
Fiction CollectionKevin McClintockNo Vacancies
Dark Moon Books
Fiction CollectionPeter BellStrange Epiphanies
The Swan River Press
Fiction CollectionR Scott McCoyHunter's Moon
Omnium Gatherum
Fiction CollectionReggie OliverShadow Plays
Egaeus Press
Fiction CollectionStephen BaconPeel Back the Sky
Gray Friar Press
Fiction CollectionWilliam MeikleDark Melodies
Dark Regions Press
Fiction CollectionWillum PugmireUncommon Places: A Collection of Exquisites
Hippocampus Press
First NovelK Trap JonesThe Sinner
Blood Bound Books
First NovelCharles DayThe Legend of the Pumpkin Thief
Noble YA Publishers LLC.
First NovelPeter N. DudarA Requiem for Dead Flies
Nightscape Press
First NovelDonna GalantiA Human Element
Echelon Press
First NovelLori MichelleDual Harvest
Rainstorm Press
First NovelMark R. RinkerEvil Ambulance
Noble YA
First NovelAdam McOmberThe White Forest
First NovelAnthony J. RapinoSoundtrack to the End of the World
Bad Moon Books
First NovelBarry JamesDreams of Darkness
After Hours Publishing
First NovelBrad HodsonDarling
Bad Moon Books
First NovelBrian McGreevyHemlock Grove
First NovelBrooklyn HudsonWishbone
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
First NovelDane T HatchellResurrection X: Zombie Evolution
Post Mortem Press
First NovelDaniel O'Malley The Rook
Little, Brown, & Co
First NovelDaniel P. CoughlinTed's Score

First NovelGeorge R. Appelt Jr.Shepherd's Fall
Kismet & Company
First NovelMick RidgewellThe Nightcrawler
First NovelPatrick FreivaldTwice Shy
First NovelRobert E. HirschContrition
First NovelScott SullivanThe Trinity Signs
Sullivan Publishing
Graphic NovelRocky Wood , Lisa Morton and Greg ChapmanWitch Hunts: A Graphic History of The Burning Times
Graphic Noveledited by Tom PomplumHalloween Classics: Graphic Classics Volume Twenty-Three
Eureka Publications
Graphic NovelJeff LemireThe Underwater Welder
Top Shelf
Graphic NovelMoore, TerryRachel Rising Vol. 1 - The Shadow of Death
Abstract Studio
Long FictionJoe McKinney & Michael McCartyLost Girl of the Lake
Bad Moon Books
Long FictionJG FahertyThe Cold Spot
Delirium Books
Long FictionEnnis Drake28 Teeth of Rage
Omnium Gatherum Media
Long FictionGene O'NeillThe Blue Heron
Dark Regions Press
Long FictionGlen HirshbergAfter-WordsThe Janus Tree, Cemetery Dance #65
Long FictionGraham MastertonAnkaCemetery Dance #65
Long FictionRobert DunbarWood
Uninvited Books
Long FictionSandy DeLucaReign of Blood
Delerium Books
Long FictionStephen King and Joe HillIn the Tall GrassEsquire magazine
Long FictionAdam CesareTribesmen
Ravenous Shadows
Long FictionAdam NevillThe Age of EntitlementDark CurrentsNewcon Press
Long FictionBillie Sue MosimanMourning Mansion

Long FictionBillie Sue MosimanPrison Planet

Long FictionBryan HallThe Vagrant
Angelic Knight
Long FictionCarole JohnstoneThe Pest HouseBlack Static 28
Long FictionChristopher HarmonHoxlip and AfterTerror Tales of the CotswoldsGray Friar Press
Long FictionCorrine De WinterThe End of Desire
Long FictionGord RolloThe Dark Side of Heaven
Dark Regions Press
Long FictionGregory LambersonCarnage Road
Print is Dead
Long FictionJeffrey FordThe Wish HeadCrackpot PalaceWilliam Morrow
Long FictionJohn RectorLost ThingsKindle singleThomas & Mercer
Long FictionKaaron WarrenSkyThrough Splintered WallsTwelve Planets
Long FictionLisa MortonWild Girls
Bad Moon Books
Long FictionMark MorrisBiters21st Century DeadSt. Martin's Griffin
Long FictionMichael McCarty and Linnea QuigleyNight of the Scream Queen
Dark Moon Books
Long FictionPeter BellA Midsummer�s Ramble in the CarpathiansStrange EpiphaniesThe Swan River Press
Long FictionRamsey CampbellThe MoonsThe Devil's Coattails:More Dispatches from the Dark Frontier Cicatryx Press
Long FictionRay CluleyShark! Shark!Black Static #29
Long FictionReggie OliverCharmTerror Tales of the CotswoldsGray Friar Press
Long FictionSophia McDougallBells Ringing Under the SeaDark CurrentsNewcon Press
Long FictionStephen Graham JonesAfter the People Lights Have Gone OffMixer
Long FictionStephen King and Stewart O'NanA Face in the CrowdE-bookScribner
Long FictionTed GrauThe ScreamerUrban Cthulhu: Nightmare CitiesH. Harksen Productions
NonfictionAraminta Star Matthews, Rachel Lee, and Stan Swanson. Write of the Living Dead
Dark Moon Books
NonfictionLes KlingerThe Annotated Sandman, Volume 1
NonfictionThe Amazing Kreskin & Michael McCartyConversations With Kreskin
Team Kreskin Productions LLC
NovelChristopher ConlonLullaby for the Rain Girl
Dark Regions Press
NovelBrett J. TalleyThe Void
NovelJGFahertyThe Cemetery Club
Journal Stone
NovelRio YouersWestlake Soul
ChiZine Publications
NovelJohn PalisanoNerves
Bad Moon Books
NovelMichaelbent CollingsApparition
NovelScott SiglerNocturnal
Crown Publishing Group
NovelLaird BarronThe Croning
Night Shade Books
NovelAaron DriesHouse of Sighs
Samhain Publishing
NovelGabrielle Faust and Solomon SchneiderRevenge
Barking Rain Press
NovelJeffrey WilsonThe Donors
NovelJohn R. Little and Fatima MonteiroScavenger Hunt
Bad Moon Books
NovelLee F. JordanCoronation
Black Rose Writing
NovelMichaelbrent CollingsThe Haunted
NovelBenjamin Kane EthridgeBottled Abyss
Red Rum Horror
NovelHal BodnerThe Trouble with Hairy
Phantom Hollow Publishing
NovelAlan SpencerB-Movie Reels
Samhain Publishing
NovelB.C. BellBipolar Express
Neo Pulp Press
NovelCaitl�n R. Kiernan The Drowning Girl
NovelChelsea Quinn Yarbro Commedia della Morte
NovelDave ZeltsermanMonster: A Novel of Frankenstein
NovelElizabeth HandAvailable Dark
NovelJoseph NasisseBy the Blood of Heroes
NovelNerine DormanInkarna
Dark Continents
NovelPeter Clines14
Permuted Press
NovelRichard KadreyDevil Says Bang
NovelRobert Jackson BennettThe Troupe
NovelRonald MalfiThe Narrows
Samhain Publishing
NovelSeth Grahame-SmithUnholy Night
Grand Central Publishing
PoetryBruce BostonAnthropomorphisms
Elektrik Milk Bath Press
PoetryMarge SimonVampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls
Elektrik Milk Bath Press
PoetryMichael CollingsA Verse to Horrors
Amazon Digital Services
PoetryRobert FrazierPhantom Navigation
Dark Regions Press
PoetryDuane AckersonBlinded by the Light Then the Dark
Ravenna Press
PoetryMary A. TurzilloLovers and Killers
Dark Regions
PoetryChristine Ong MuslimGrim Series
Popcorn Press
ScreenplayGary Ross, Suzanne Collins, Billy RayThe Hunger Games
Lionsgate, Color Force
ScreenplayJoss Whedon and Drew GoddardThe Cabin in the Woods
Mutant Enemy Productions, Lionsgate
ScreenplayAngela KangThe Walking Dead (Episode 17): Judge, Jury, Executioner
ScreenplayEvan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock and Hossein AminiSnow White and the HuntsmanMovie
Short FictionMichael R. CollingsAccommodationThe Vampire Megapack: 27 Modern and Classic Vampire StoriesWildside Press
Short FictionBruce BostonSurrounded by the Mutant Rain ForestDaily Science fiction
Short FictionGuy Anthony DeMarcoA Case of Curiositieswww.DailyScienceFiction.com
Short FictionCharles ColyottComfortZippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone BadSmart Rhino Publications
Short FictionJeffrey WilsonCalling Homewww.buzzymag.com
Short FictionMarge SimonConfessions of a Visually Challenged VampireVampires Zombies & Wanton SoulsElectrik Milk Bath Press
Short FictionMichael BaileyBootstrapZippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone WrongSmart Rhino Publications
Short FictionShauna KleinWe Interrupt this Program
Prairie Rose Press
Short FictionTerry DowlimgNightside EyeCemetery Dance #66
Short FictionAdam GolaskiTranslationSupernatural Tales 21
Short FictionAdam-Troy CastroDuring the PauseApex Magazine
Short FictionAlison LittlewoodIn the Quiet and in the Dark Terror Tales of the Cotswolds Gray Friar Press
Short FictionAlison LittlewoodThe Eyes of Water
Spectral Press
Short FictionAmy HempelA Full-Service ShelterTin House 52
Short FictionB.E. ScullyPolar NightDark River Press Volume 1
Short FictionB.E. ScullyWho is Like God?DarkMedia Magazine
Short FictionBart BrevikThe Demon of DespairBlack Bed Sheet BooksBlack Bed Sheet Books
Short FictionClaire MasseyInto the Penny Arcade
Nightjar Press
Short FictionConrad WilliamsPikeBorn With TeethPS
Short FictionDan ChaonHow We Escaped Our Certain Fate21st Century DeadSt. Martin's Press
Short FictionDavid TallermanA Twist Too FarAndromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #56
Short FictionDouglas CleggThe StainCemetery Dance
Short FictionEmma ColemanHomeDark CurrentsNewcon Press
Short FictionGarry KilworthThe Fabulous BeastBFS Journal spring
Short FictionGary McMahonCinder ImagesDarker MindsDark Minds Press
Short FictionGary McMahonKill All MonstersShadows & Tall Trees issue 3
Short FictionGary McMahonStraw BabiesTerror Tales of the CotswoldsGray Friar Press
Short FictionJacob RubyThe Little ThingsBlack Static 27
Short FictionJoel SutherlandFadeCemetery Dance
Short FictionJohn PalisanoAvailable LightLovecraft E-zine, issue #12, March
Short FictionJon IngoldCracksBlack Static 28
Short FictionKaaron WarrenCreekThrough Splintered WallsTwelve Planets
Short FictionKarin TidbeckRebeckaJagannathCheeky Frawg Books
Short FictionMaria AlexanderRevivifiedNight Terrors IIBlood Bound Books
Short FictionMaurice BroaddusRainfallCemetery Dance #65
Short FictionMegan ArkenbergFinal ExamAsimov's Science Fiction
Short FictionMegan ArkenbergHow Many Miles to BabylonLightspeed
Short FictionMichael BaileyCoulrophobicHere Be ClownsStatic Movement
Short FictionMichael BaileyHiatusSurviving The EndDark Prints Press
Short FictionPriya SharmaThe Ballad of Boomtown Black Static 28
Short FictionRobert BorskiFade to BlackThe Lovecraft eZine #16
Short FictionSean DemoryThe Ballad of the Wayfaring Stranger and the Dead Man�s Whore
Amazon.com kindle direct publishing service
Short FictionSimon BestwickThe ChurnBlack Static 27
Short FictionSimon ClarkThe Shakespeare CurseTerror Tales of the CotswoldsGray Friar Press
Short FictionSophie LittlefieldJimmy's LegacyCemetery Dance #66
Short FictionStephanie Crawford and Duane SwierczynskiTender as Teeth21st Century DeadSt. Martin's Griffin
Short FictionStephen BaconCuckoo SpitBlack Static 27
Short FictionStephen BaconNone So BlindShadows and Tall Trees issue 3
Short FictionStephen Graham JonesNotes from the Apocalypse Weird Tales #359
Short FictionStephen KingBatman and Robin Have an AltercationHarper's Magazine
Short FictionSteve Rasnic TemScreeCemetery Dance magazine #66Cemetery Dance
Short FictionTamsyn Muir The Magician�s Apprentice Weird Tales #359
Short FictionTracie McBrideDrive, She SaidLovecraft eZine #14
Young-Adult NovelMichael McCartyI Kissed A Ghoul
Noble Romance Publishing
Young-Adult NovelConnie Corcoran WilsonThe Color of Evil
Quad Cities press
Young-Adult NovelSteve BurtFreeK Show

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