Thursday, August 30, 2012


                                        Not All Presses Are The Same

     There has been a lot of talk lately from authors who are not happy with their publishers for one reason or another. Sometimes there are legitimate concerns, and sometimes there are not. New authors don't always know what goes on behind the publishing of a book. I was going to write this the other week, but I've been in and out of the hospital and didn't get to it until now.

     Let's talk money first. The average book runs from $1200.00 to $1800.00 for a Press  to publish. There are costs for editing, cover art, formatting, etc. Any one of you who has published via the self-publishing route know this to be true. Once a book is published, there are other costs for marketing and such. NetBound and Angelic Knight Press follow pretty much the same generous author royalties. In fact, Mikel Classen and I discussed these issues before I started the Press up. One part of what we both do is to give authors in an anthology the rights to their stories after we have published the anthology. We ask for first rights only. This gives the authors a great opportunity to take advantage of the great editing they received for free and sell their story alone.

     I was reading an article in Poets And Writers about a new Press excited by the fact they were offering authors a three year contract. That sounds pretty good for an author who has written a novel. However, Angelic Knight Press only holds an author to one year. If that author leaves at the end of the year, we are always sad to see them leave. But, that is the deal and their right. We also don't like to see an author who is unhappy with us for any reason. If an author leaves us with months remaining on a contract, the Press can not recoup the loss. Sometimes it happens, but I don't want an author to feel we have given him the shaft. If they are unhappy, sometimes it's best for all concerned to erase the contract.

     So, good people, when you deal with a small Press, think about the costs we have to incur and the hard work we put into your books. Mikel Classen knows, and we at Angelic Knight Press know. We care.



  1. I know how hard you all at AKP work, and costs involved. I am very appreciative, always!

  2. Thank you very much, Cindy! You're the best!



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