Monday, July 9, 2012

We keep growing...

Growth and change seem to be a constant here at Angelic Knight Press and while there are those who resist change, I embrace it. And in today's continually growing & changing publishing environment, I think the ability to adapt is crucial. So what's new for us now?

After a brief hiatus and some behind the scenes toiling, Blaze has time to step back into the limelight. He never really left AKP, but now he's back full strength as a contributing owner. What does this mean, you ask? (And some of you shake your heads and whisper, "she totally made that position up"). I admit it; I did make it up, with help from Blaze. But in an industry where it seems many of the old rules don't apply, I think we have the ability to re-invent ourselves, create what becomes a good fit. It means  Blaze and I will share ownership again and he will be contributing in many ways, just like he's always done. But day to day operations will remain the same. I'll still be calling the shots and forging ahead. Truth be told, I never stopped asking his opinion anyway. Actually, most things that happen at the Press are group consensus, with all of our team weighing in. But some things can and should be handled quickly, by one person. And as most of you know, Blaze is a softie, so I have to be the meanie when the situation calls for it.

We are also very happy to report that we have added to our team! We've hired Danielle Day, who some of you will remember as my excellent assistant at WHC, as our Acquisitions Editor. Danielle will be reading all submissions & queries and making sure they get to the right place. She is the first line from now on, so it's her you must impress to get beyond the slush pile to the vaunted gates of second reading and possible acceptance. I know  some of you are saying, "I smell nepotism." You do. I freely admit  Danielle is my sister. That's how I know  she's an avid reader with a firm grasp of grammar, plot, and flow. Her tastes are also very similar to mine. AKP is, and always has been, a family business. We may not all have started out related, or share a bloodline, but we are a family nonetheless. Please make her feel welcome to the AKP family, and the industry.

Her addition to our team will allow us to get through subs more quickly and free up more of my time for editing, marketing, networking, accounting, compiling, and everything else that comes with the business.

Go Team!



  1. Welcome aboard, Danielle! Glad to have you as a part of the Angelic Knight Press family. With everything being submitted to the Press, you will be a busy lady! I will add more in a day or two about my sentiments on what is happening at the Press, but Stacey did a pretty good job today!


  2. Great to see you guys expanding and succeeding! Welcome to Danielle! Would love to work with one of my sisters.

  3. Congratulations to everyone at AKP, you're all doing an excellent job and it sounds like Danielle has her work cut out for her. Congrats to Danielle on her position at AKP.

  4. Thank you, Quinn. We'll make sure Danielle works hard. Just saying.



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