Monday, June 25, 2012


The temperature was close to 100 degrees, but it was a great time at Superday in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Cindy Keen Reynders, Mary Gilgallon, and Andi Pray were signing copies of their romance and mystery books. A big thanks to Andi who was smart enough to provide the canvas top. Blaze was there wearing a wool Kilt and Tam to coincide with the Celtic Fest in town. The shade was a blessing.

Cindy says we had a great meeting of the minds with all the writing experience between us, and that is so true. One thing even we veteran writers learned was how many readers are getting their novels in ebook format. These ladies were up to the task, though, mentioning that they did have their books in digital form and were able to give them bookmarks with all the pertinent links.

So, when you have a book signing, my fellow authors, let the folks know you have what they want: digital or paper.

I am proud of all these ladies for handling the heat as well as they did, and Cindy especially for telling the world that 7 Year Witch is available as an ebook also. :D

Rebecca's great cover stands out so well even in extreme heat!



  1. Yes, Rebecca's book cover was "hot" in more ways than one!

  2. Well said, Cindy! Well said!



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