Thursday, June 21, 2012


Tortured Minds by Sue Mydliak already has a Five Star Review! How sweet is that.?! Go Sue!

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Reading Tortured Minds by Sue Mydliak reminds me how fortunate I am to watch this author progress from the beginning of her writing career. And progress she has. She has made great strides writing stories, a novella, a sequel in progress, and now this collection of twisted tales - amoong others. Reading her work from the beginning shows me that she diligently practices her craft, but she has had writing ability from the beginning.

Usually when reading a collection, it's tempting to try to choose one favorite among them all. I could not do that with Tortured Minds. Each story has its own unexpected ending that creeps up, sometimes slowly and unsuspecting, sometimes hard and fast. Each ending left me with a Wow! feeling; made me stop and think, and then want more.

Tortured Minds by Sue Mydliak contains short and quick stories and I couldn't help moving right into reading the next one to learn what else this author might produce. I was never disappointed. I look forward to more from Sue Mydliak and recommend this quick read. 
I know how great this collection is. Hustle your bustle to Amazon and get it now!


  1. Alright Sue! Sounds like a good one!

  2. These tales are written in Sue's special style, Dina! They are good!


  3. Thank you, Cindy! It is good!



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