Thursday, June 7, 2012


I stole this from off of Stacey Turner's Facebook page, dog that I am! Cindy is bringing in the great reviews!

A great review for a great book!

Blaze great review for Cindy Keen Reynders 7 Year Witch! You know you want to read this one...
I tore right into this book and loved every bit of it. The characters are wonderfully written. As Miranda goes to complete her final task to become High Witch she finds herself in some crazy predicaments. Some of these are funny and some are just simply HOT!! She becomes cursed with the 7 year itch after going back in time and meeting Sir Maxwell. Maxwell some how manages to get the itch as well. These two characters have lots of chemistry and sizzle between them that makes for some great love scenes. I loved both these characters.

The plot is an astounding good read. You just want to keep turning pages to see what happens next. It has great action scenes and not just the in between the sheets kind. When Miranda must battle an enemy and Maxwell helps out it is a great fight scene. I'd recommended this to anyone looking for a steamy, funny, magical, time travel book. 4/5 Bats



  1. I think it's a very nice review, Cindy! One can never get enough of them!



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