Thursday, May 3, 2012


I want to thank Bobby Phillipps, a great guitar player, singer, and all around super guy for pointing the above oatmeal post out to me. I think it hammers home some pretty interesting things for authors.

We all know them: the spammers; buy my book; like me, I'll like you. That sort of thing. Sometimes we do things for these folks, and they just continue spamming other people with their message. Don't be like these people. It doesn't look good. Okay, that's the anti-spamming part of this post.
Now we get to the other part: how to get more likes, or better yet, in more simple terms, how to get people to read what we post.

I post a lot of different kinds of material on my blogs: free reads, short stories, novels, everything. I also put up book reviews, I ran my very popular Woman in Horror series for two months, and I support causes, help other authors wth promotions, blog tours, interviews, etc. I usually have to check and see what my blog account says are my most read pieces. That's okay. Folks are busy and don't have time to resopnd to everything. Facebook is easier because it's easy to click a like button as well as adding in a short response.

As oatmeal says in their post, show folks something out of the box and you will get noticed. On Facebook, I receive my biggest response to cute pictures I post, movie things like I did for Casablanca, that kind of thing. But I write horror, you say. How will that help me? Well, number one: I get more friends. We all like that. Number two: it allows people to spot these things, and some of them go to my page or blogs and see what else I do. Who says horror writers have to be boring and dull?

Sometimes, my friends, thinking out of the box and enjoying yourself leads to fulfillment of your goals. That's a lot easier than the hard sell.


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