Friday, May 25, 2012


I just thought I'd make a short statement about some concerns some of my friends have. Some of you have probably noticed that I have been talking about a Publishing Co-operative. Yes, I am one of the writers involved in this venture, and I'm pretty excited about it. The concept is unique and the team is working on setting everything up. However, I want to state flat out that this is not about ME. This is about the Co-op MEMBERS. I am not starting up a rival Press to compete with Angelic Knight Press. Small Presses should never compete against each other. We're all in this together. One of us succeeds: we all succeed.

Yvonne and I started Angelic Knight Press for a reason: we wanted great authors to have a chance of publishing their stories who might not otherwise have had the opportunity. And that has happened, and it is continuing to happen. Furthermore, it will not stop happening.

Both Yvonne and I have had some major personal and health issues this year. As I write this, Yvonne is experiencing some major grief because of the illness of a family member. My heart certainly goes out to her. My son is getting an operation next month, and I have a couple to go. Nasty stuff. Of the three of us, I'll come out the easiest because I'm old and ornery and don't know any better. The crux of what I'm getting to here is that Stacey Turner has taken control of the wheel of our ship and is guiding it well. Remember her trip to the World Horror Convention? She's going to Killer Con in September as well. She's working hard for the Press and for all the great authors we have here. Take a look at the great new talent we have lined up and at present. Stacey is setting up Blog Tours and is doing promotions through Red Hot Promotions.

Stacey is also pouring money into the Press. This is a labor of love here. Sure, we hope to be in the black soon, but until that happens, this all takes money. Yes, for a while I was paying all the bills, but any of you with health issues or family with health issues knows the cost of these things. Next month, my son's operation is completely paid for and I can once again start paying more money and taking some of the stress off of Stacey.

So, does it sound like I could jump ship? Of course not. We are building a great Press which is gaining a ton of respect in the Small Press community. I want to enjoy the sailing.

Okay, why am I becoming a member of Visionary Press? Quite simple: because of our success at Angelic Knight Press, we are extremely busy. That's great. There are some wonderful things happening now and in the future. However, that means that a lot of my books can not be published here because of what our goals are at the Press. Stacey has a dynamic agenda coming. I will try to slip in something here and there when there is time, but my joy here comes when our writers at the Press are successful. So a lot of my works will be published through Visionary Press which has some really great people. I'm sure you folks remember when my novels were going to come out through another Press, but unfortunate health problems hit there as well. I have well over twenty novels and hundreds of short stories to get into peoples' hands. I need to replenish the till at Angelic Knight Press too.

Because I have so many stories written, other Small Presses will probably be publishing some of my tales as well. I can not hog the spotlight at a single house when there are so many talented writers whose words should be read. I will be contacting these great people soon to see if they are interested in anything I have.

One novel I do want to have published here is my online novel  The Mists Of Papoose Pond. There is a tentative major movie studio offer for it. We all know how funding goes in the movie world, but if it comes to be, I want the entire AKP team to be in on writing the script and everything else that goes along with it. More on that when and if it happens.

So, my friends, I am not jumping ship. Stacey is setting a bold course for us, and I want to be in on the fun.
My storage shed has too many novels sitting in it. I need to sell some. Hey! Maybe we could buy a bigger ship then.



  1. You better not jump ship, mister! I'd be lost without you.

    I think the Co-op is a bold new idea and I don't mind sharing you with them. I wish everyone involved with it huge successes.


  2. Thank you, Stacey! I'll be your matey, Captain!

    The co-op is a bold idea, and we'll be breaking new ground with it. It's not the sort of venture for everyone. There are some great workers there, though, and we will add more.

    I want my focus at Angelic Knight Press to be on our authors. I am very excited about what we have happening!


  3. It is great working with you guys! Such a dedicated team.

  4. I am so glad you enjoy working with us, Cindy! We certainly enjoy working with you.8-)



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