Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A lot of you have probably noticed how I am doing a lot of book reviews lately. I love to read. The reason for the increase in my reviews is that I have been reading some great books. My book review policy is simple: if I like a book, it gets a good or great review. If I don't like it, it gets no review at all. I don't want to hurt anyones' feeling by slinging mud where all can read. Since I find most of the books on my own, authors are pleasantly surprised when they see a book review on my blogs or Facebook. I like doing that.

Now I get to a rather nasty part of this. Some people ask me how I gave a great review to a certain book that was rife with grammatical mistakes, etc. I'll tell you why. When I read for fun, I don't edit. I read for flow and great story. Yes, I am put off by too many mistakes, especially too many sentences beginning with I, he, etc., or the ever popular telling instead of showing. However, a great story that grabs at me, its flow taking me on a trip, enthralls me. I am hooked. If there are some goofs here and there, so be it. I don't care what anyone says: every publishing house on the planet makes errors. So long as the story is there, and I love what I read, I will review it highly. I am not a book critic; I am a book reader and  reviewer. On the other side of the coin, I have read some truly quality books, perfect in every way, and have been blown away by them. These are not only great books: they are TREASURES!  You authors know who you are because I don't shirk from spreading the word.

Perfection is not a part of life. It doesn't happen. The English language is adapting all the time, so no editor is completely right about everything. Some things have no absolutes. In short, English Professors can edit and publish their own musings, but I don't want them doing mine. I want story excitement and flow.

So, my friends, all of my reviews are based on how much I enjoy a story. No one has to agree. I'm not a writing or reading God. But be assured: my reviews are honest, and I will stand by them.


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