Monday, April 2, 2012


Stacey Turner is back from The World Horror Convention and as soon as she rests a bit and we put the finishing touches on The Seven Year Witch, there will be all sots of things she has to relate. All of them are good for the Press and therefore good for all our authors as well.

We have many new exciting books coming our way, and we will be interacting with some fascinating people to learn more tricks of the trade. no one has all the answers, but we are always working on finding new ways to get our name out there and that of our authors.

Also, I will be doing some adjusting to our Facebooks pages for our books in order to streamline and make them more effective.

And, I will have a post within a week that will surprise some of you, but it is a natural part of the progession we are seeing at Angelic Knight Press.

So, be looking for all this and more to be gracing our pages real soon.



  1. I have to wait a week to find out the exciting news? Darn... :-)

  2. Some of it will be out sooner, Cindy!8-)



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