Friday, April 27, 2012

Below is a little snippet from Wendy Howard posted on The Dark Book Club Group on DarkMedia City.
I'm posting it here as well because it's a great way for all of us as writers to spread the word about great books. Friday Reads has over 10,000 readers. Should your great tale be exposed to the eyes of all those readers? The answer is a resounding YES! Help out your friends and yourselves!

APRIL 26: This Friday, April 27th we join #FridayReads  and share what we're reading here in our book club community. They are an established group, and you should click the link to find out how it works because they have some awesome giveaways. Our members will only post on Twitter and Facebook what we are reading in our club, but of course you can tell people about the other books you're reading. Here a few examples you can use:
  • ON TWITTER: #fridayreads One Buck Horror: Vol. 4 @darkmediacity Dark Book Club A dark, gruesome & fun read (You can post this on Twitter or on the main Dark Media City page (preferably))
  • ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE: Post a link to any of the stores where you can purchase our reading selections for the month and tell your friends what you like about the book.


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