Friday, April 13, 2012


Changes. Some like them, some don’t, either way they are an inevitable part of life. At Angelic Knight Press we are currently experiencing a few.  I’m sad to announce that Yvonne Bishop will no longer be with us. Her reasons for leaving are personal and will remain private.

As some of you know, Blaze has been having some health problems and needs some surgery and recuperation time. Also, his son needs a surgery and that will be his sole focus at that time (and rightly so). Therefore, he’s handing over the reins to me. I will be the sole owner of Angelic Knight Press. Luckily for us, Blaze is not leaving altogether. He will remain a vital part of this press and its operation. He will still be doing all of the things that he does best, when he can. I couldn’t do this without him. He just may be a bit more “behind the scenes.”

What does this mean for AKP and our authors? Not much. We will still be running with the same goals we’ve always had: to put out quality books and treat our authors like family. Blaze will still be supporting my crazy ideas and Rebecca will still be putting out fantastic artwork and the million other things she does for us. I’ll still be forging full steam ahead.

We have some exciting things in the works for the press. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, now is a good time to do so. The first one will be coming out very soon and you’re going to want to keep up with what’s happening with us!

I had a blast at World Horror Convention and came back with a ton of ideas and some exiting new contacts. We have some great books slated for release in the upcoming months. I’ll be attending KillerCon in Las Vegas in September. We’ll have a table set up to sell AKP books and get out more information. I’ll be sitting on editor’s panels and taking pitches.

We want to thank all of our authors, friends, and supporters for their support and friendship. We wouldn’t be where we are without all of you.



  1. Best of luck Stacey - no one better for the job! Best wishes to Yvonne and Blaze.
    Tina xx

  2. Stacey, you are a one-woman powerhouse! You and everyone at AKP are awesome go-getters. I am honored to be a part of the team, and I am 100 percent dedicated to helping however I can. I'm sending positive energy out to one and all for future endeavors.

  3. You'll need some energy for book blitzing, Cindy!



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