Sunday, March 25, 2012


As many of you know, Angelic Knight Press is assisting Literary Landmark Press with publishing The Spirit Of Poe Anthology. Yes, there have been some delays along the way and a number of the contributors are angry because they don't have the copies in their hands. I am a contributor to this great tome, and as such I have been privy to a large number of emails expressing different points of view on a slew of issues. Some folks have been civil, others not so. To help resolve some questions, here are the facts:
1. As a co-owner of Angelic Knight Press, I refuse to  rush this anthology through. The rest of our team and I want quality work. I'm certain the contributors do as well. 

2. Createspace will be our printer. They put out a quality product.

3. Some folks might be a little miffed at the next part: while they will not be extensive by any means, some edits will be needed. Once more, all of us want a quality product, and an extra set of eyes or two will further that goal. I have had over seventy novels of my own published under different names, and I would never consider myself capable of catching everything. It doesn't happen. 

4. After the edits are done and the formatting is completed, we send it off to the printers and keep our fingers crossed. Sometimes Stacey, our Managing Owner and Editor, catches mistakes, and changes are needed. What does this mean? This means I'm not going to stand on a box and shout out to the world that the anthology will be out on such and such a date. We are hoping for next month. But, that's only if the book is 
completed to our satisfaction. 

5. Any questions regarding book orders and such which have been previously purchased will have to be answered by Literary Landmark Press.

I'll end this here. If any of you have any other questions, you may ask them here on the blog or on the FB page for Angelic Knight Press. Thank you. We will all be proud of the product in our hands, and the Museum will gain some funds.



  1. For a quality product to be produced, it takes time. Patience is important, as things can be polished given the right amount of attention to detail. Blaze, your point is valid.

  2. Thank you, Cindy! Polishing of the apple. Sooo important!



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