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Shawn Pfister is a multi-talented young lady, but it is writing that she enjoys doing the most. Her charming tales of werewolves, vampires, and ghosts enthrall all who read them. She is new to the game but is rising rapidly.

Below is a description of My Vampire Prom Date And Other Stories:

This is a collection of 17 fun tales by author, Shawn Pfister. Full of vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other strange things, this book packs it in with humor, excitement and quirky characters that never leaves a dull moment. Though geared for young adults, readers of any age will thoroughly enjoy this book. Ever thought of dating a vampire? How does a snow angel provoke a werewolf attack? Ever spend a weekend in a haunted hotel? Did you know that Santa was a pirate? These are just a few of the stories that make up My Vampire Prom Date and other stories. This is the first book from Shawn Pfister whose writing style is reminiscent of R.L.Stine, but rings with a style of her own filled with humor and wit. Pfister pens stories that are unexpected, exciting, and fresh that can be enjoyed by readers of any age but speaks to young adults. Stories included: Like My Vampire Prom Date Death Of Eleanor Nana And The Ninja Lily's Angel Someone In Your Class Is A Vampire!!! I Was Secretly F. Scott Fitzgerald Ghost Stories Schrödinger's Cat Is Dead To Me The Haunted Zamboni Someone In Your House Is Dishonest The Dread Pirate Santa Daddy's Girl Grandma's Little Insurance Policy Bitch Mr. Pfister's Ghost Old Mr. Jenkins Lisa's Blue Moon Party Poetry NetBound Publishing presents Shawn Pfister's "My Vampire Prom Date and other stories.

About the Author

Raised in Michigan, USA; Shawn now lives in Ontario, Canada with her family. Shawn is a painter and photographer, but writing is her true passion. Shawn is a featured writer in several recent anthologies including the werewolf anthology “I Believe in Werewolves” (Netbound Publishing,) the vampire anthology, “Vicious Bites” and the ghost anthology “Vicious Spirits” (both Key Publishing,) where her contribution, “Ghost Stories” was an award winner. Shawn Pfister’s remarkable voice follows in the vein of other writers of young people’s fiction like R.L. Stein and J.K. Rowling. Like Stein and Rowling, Shawn’s stories speak, not only to the kid in your house, but to the kid in you!

Mikel Classen at Netbound Publishing is fortunate to have this talented author with his house.

Shawn Pfister is a Woman in Horror!


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