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Bec Zugor is a lot like me in a number of ways. I was very shy in school because of severe stuttering problems and found it so much easier to get lost in great books than deal with the other kids. She didn't stutter but was also shy. That  led to her doing some of the interesting things she has done. I never wanted to do her knife juggling thing, but I have jumped out of a lot of planes. Of great importance now is the fact she has found her way into writing, specifically horror writing. Read her bio below, and then catch her very impressive list of published fiction. Wow!

Bec Zugor didn’t start writing until she turned 40 in 2003. It came about by accident, which is not surprising, as she’s always been accident-prone. In 2010, she gave herself concussion just by flicking hair away from her face. Back to the writing: she browsed the job ads and spotted one which read, “Why not be a writer?” and the clich├ęd thunderbolt struck.

A lifelong daydreamer (that might explain the accidents), she wishes it had occurred to her to write some of her imaginings down. She’s trying to make up for lost time now.

Bec became a depressive at an early age. She was a painfully-shy misfit at school and, with limited conversational skills, was frequently misunderstood. She escaped into the world of books. In adulthood, she learned to accept her odd way of thinking, leading to her jumping out of planes and wanting to be a knife juggler.

While learning the craft she has written in different genres, from women’s magazine stories, through general fiction (and one children’s story) to futuristic and horror. She lets off steam by writing humorous poetry, and was flushed with excitement to have her nonsense poem ‘Deep-fried Flip-flops’ framed and displayed in a public toilet somewhere in the Shetland Islands. If you spot it on your travels, she’d love to hear from you.

In 2004 her story The Birdcage won third prize in the Writers Bureau Short Story Competition. Since then she’s been placed or shortlisted in several competitions, and has had stories published online and in print magazines. She lives in Sussex, England, with her husband and two sons.

Horror is Bec’s favourite genre; she sees it as a distraction from the horror we see in real life.

Published Fiction
Endless Love (reprint of Letter to Bertha), Postcard Shorts, September 2011.
Digging (reprint), Menopause Press, July 2011.
Caveat Emptor!, Escape Velocity: The Anthology, May 2011.
Taking Root, The Sixty: Arts of Andy Bigwood, April 2011.
K is for Kul
, M is for Monster, October 2010.
Flying Room, Ink Sweat & Tears, October 2010.
Fitting In (reprint), Town & Village, October 2010.Digging, Delivered, September 2010.
The Tip of My Tongue, Weirdyear, June 2010.

Flipped, Weirdyear, May 2010.
Fitting In, Delivered, March 2010.
Letter to Bertha, 6Sentences: The Love Book, February 2010.
Irresistible, Microhorror,January 2010.
Escapism, with Raya Riken, Writers’ Village, January 2010.
Say Something (50-word fiction), Mensa Magazine, November 2009.
Spot the Difference, Town & Village Magazine, August 2009.
Travellin’ Light, Scribble, July 2009.
No Distractions, Gloom Cupboard e-zine, May 2009.
A Dog’s Life (reprint), The Pages Anthology, Spring 2009.
Caveat Emptor!, Escape Velocity, March 2009.
Under The Weather, Delivered, March 2009.
A Dog’s Life, Scribble, March 2008.
Blue Skies, JBWB website, Summer 2007.
The Birdcage, Writers Bureau website, October 2004.
A Good Clear-Out, Best magazine, September 2004.

Bec  Zugor is truly a Woman In Horror! 


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