Thursday, March 1, 2012


One day I was on Vamplit's site, and, staring me in the face, was a poem of horror and pain from deep within the soul. Wow! I loved it! The poet was Aline S. Iniestra. As far as I'm concerned, she is the female Edgar Allan Poe. For such a young lady to be able to write such poems of terror is truly amazing. She had a caricature on the site instead of a picture and it wasn't until a few months later that I was amazed to see such a sweet young lady.

I have followed her career from the beginning, and when she lamented one day on The Masters Of Horror page on Facebook that so many others were getting published and she was not, I told her flat out to submit her poems to the group for a poetry anthology. She was in! They loved her wonderful poems. She is now a published poet and a most deserving one.

Go to her blog, "In Darkness I Play." You will love it. I do.

Aline prefers to stay with her poetry for the most part, and that is just fine with me. She is so good. Maybe in the future, she will branch out a bit. Her decision!

Below is the description of her poetry anthology In Darkness We Play which she shares with Lori R. Lopez, E. A. Irwin, Lee Pletzers, and John Irvine.

Product Description

5 authors tormented by dark visions have penned 15 poems each to chill the spine of Poe.

5 dark and disturbing visions for your pleasure have at last been combined into one volume.

This collection will NOT make you feel cozy and warm. It will NOT make you think of love and happiness.

No. It's designed for something much, much darker. This collection will play games with your mind and rape your soul. It will send you to the madhouse, screaming. Your warnings are for naught. Their eyes are blind, and their ears they do bleed.

But you are not of the weak, are you? You are strong of mind, spirit and body, but still me thinks you shall scream.

Do you think you're immune?

Think again.

How great is this?

Aline is a resident of Mexico City, Mexico. However, she is engaged, and that could all change soon.

Aline S. Iniestra is a terrific horror poet. She is a Woman in Horror!


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