Monday, February 13, 2012


Yours Is The Strength by Bob Ritchie is up on Kindle today! This is Angelic Knight Press' first non-horror book. It is a masterpiece of literary fantasy! Below is the book description from Amazon.

Product Description

How deeply do you trust your friends, and how far would you go to save them?
Ta’ is an experienced spell caster who needs nothing more than herself to create magic. Re’nna has been saved from self-destruction and introduced to the magical world that is her birthright. They share a growing friendship that goes deeper than anything either of them has experienced before.
But now Re’nna’s lost her magical companion and she must trust Ta’ implicitly. It’s Ta’ who must face the world of the Daypeople, if she’s to find the instrument Re’nna can’t live without.
Will Ta’ be able to finish the daunting journey and reunite Re’nna with the music of her soul in time?

This gives a great hint of the majesty to come in this tale.

The opening line:

"You are my best friend, aside from my guitar. You are the music that I play, the magic that I create. It is night or is it another, and you are at the center of my being."

Bob Ritchie is a fifty year old medical editor at a medical school in Puerto Rico. Besides writing, he composes and plays music. He has as many as five kids, a pretty fantastic wife, and writes poetry and novels as well. A very eclectic man.

Welcome to the Angelic Knight Press family, Bob Ritchie!

As you can see, the great cover art is majestically done by Rebecca Treadway. Editing by our Lady of Everything, Stacey Turner.

This is one you won't want to miss!


  1. Congratulations, Bob! This looks like another good read that I'll have to pick up.

  2. This is another great one, Cindy! Thanks for dropping by.



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