Sunday, February 19, 2012


W.J.Howard doesn't have a huge number of novels out because she's relatively new to the horror writing scene, but what she has written and is writing now is very good.

She actually started up an award winning twitter novel The Courier in 2009. Vamplit Publishing will be publishing 75 to 100 pages of this on a quarterly basis this year. Tres cool!

The Bootlegger Series will have its first episode released in mid 2012. This is a duo work with R.J. Robyn. Again, Vamplit Publishing will be publishing this.

Grand Scares, a collection of flash fiction tales is also coming.

W.J. Howard writes horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. Such a great eclectic mix!

Her website is shared with Timothy C. Hobbs and R.J. Robyn. If you go over there, you will note that she posts a lot of material for her co blog-mates: a self-less move.

Speaking of self-less, she is all over the place promoting other authors, Vamplit Publishing, and DarkMedia City. I am proud to say that Wendy and I  are doing our part to increase visibility to The Dark Book Club, and she helps out in a lot of other ways on DarkMedia City.

W. J. Howard loves horror, and people who write about horror. She writes great horror herself. Read some of her chilling tales on the Vamplit blog, and the other places I mentioned.

W.J. Howard is without a doubt a Woman in Horror!



  1. I'm honored!!!! Thanks for the mention!!

  2. I am honored to know you, Wendy! You are a wonderful writer and do so much to help other writers. You should be mentioned more often!



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