Monday, February 13, 2012


Serenity Wickford has a way of weaving words that draws me into her stories, and into my heart as well. My Valentine's Day Woman In Horror is my special lady. I love her dearly.

Her novel in progress The Angelic is truly an enchanting masterpiece, weaving God, Satan, Dark and White Angels, love, and erotica all into one story. The words within this tome endeared me to her from the opening lines.

Ah, but now I want to mention Bipedal, the first book put out by Angelic Knight Press. It jumped out of the blocks to rave reviews and did very well on Smashwords. It is now being revamped for Kindle and paper version. Two reasons: one is that it's time, and the second is because of news I just received today. I sent a copy off to a friend of mine who is in charge of horror films for one of the biggest movie studios in Los Angeles. He loves it! So, Bipedal could become a major motion picture. Everyone at Angelic Knight Press has their fingers crossed; we all know how movies are made according to budgets, funding and such, but this is certainly exciting news.

Indeed, Serenity Wickford is a Woman In horror!


Do you believe in Werewolves? You Should. Phoenix is a reporter for the Denver Post. Her assignment: to uncover the mystery surrounding the Cheyenne regions alarmingly increasing missing person reports. Unaware of what lies ahead she enters into a world of the undreamed of: a predestined fate, an unimaginable mystical creature and a horror unlike any she could have imagined.


  1. Serenity is sooo excited, Cindy! Thank you for sharing her joy.


  2. Thank you, Lisa! Now we hope for the funding for the movie! And then: whammo!



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