Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mary Underwood writes some pretty chilling tales. I honestly feel she can write a novel whenever she wants to. To me, it is such a logical progression for a lady who does so well spinning horror tales in the 9,000 to 10,000 word range. When she decides to go this route, I will be waiting for her novel, and I will read it. Of course, that's my wish and might not necessarily be hers. Whatever tales she's willing to share will be much appreciated.

Mary's bio on Smashwords:

Mary L. Underwood, who has been a published journalist and columnist for more than 20 years, is new to the world of horror. “Horror stories have always really scared me,” she explained. “Maybe that is the secret to my success. I really do feel the fright and transfer it to the page.” Most recently Mary has been published in VICIOUS SPIRITS, an anthology of ghost stories with her 9,000 word short story, THE CHORES, and in VICIOUS BITES, an anthology of vampire stories where her 10,000 word story, THE BELIEVER, won the “best new vampire concept” award. Both these stories are now available as digital downloads for your e-reader. Also, watch for Mary’s next offering in the soon to be released Werewolf anthology, I BELIEVE IN WEREWOLVES coming soon from NETBOUND PUBLISHING.

A description of The Believer:

A clan of vampires are trapped in an abandoned tomb for 1000 years. Above them, holding them prisoner is an ancient monastary. Suddenly the monastary is being abandoned and desanctified. Finally, after all this time, is the freedom of the vampires finally at hand?

A description of The Chores:

A girl on vacation befriends a ghost who endlessly works on a homestead keeping up with the grueling daily chores. But why has this ghost become her friend? You'll never forget the sinister and terrifying answer.

Read Mary's great tales. You'll be glad you did and will thirst for more.

Mary Underwood is a delightful Woman In Horror!


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