Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yours Is The Strength by Bob Ritchie will be coming out on Kindle on Monday!

Angelic Knight Press has pretty much published tales of horror to this point. That is changing. Yes, we have many horrific tales to come, but we are adding other genres as well. Yours Is The Strength by Bob Ritchie is one of those stories. This wonderful masterpiece could probably be classified as fantasy, but there is much introspective soul searching and love interwoven throughout.

A while back, I mentioned a literary masterpiece we were going to be publishing. This is it. Yes, I realize that reading, as well as any other art, is subjective, but I was floored by this great novella, as were the rest of us here at AKP.

The opening line:

"You are my best friend, aside from my guitar. You are the music that I play, the magic that I create. It is night or is it another, and you are at the center of my being."

The story flows from there. I love flow.

This story will be out Monday on Kindle!

Bob Ritchie is a fifty year old medical editor at a medical school in Puerto Rico. Besides writing, he composes and plays music. He has as many as five kids, a pretty fantastic wife, and writes poetry and novels as well. A very eclectic man.

Welcome to the Angelic Knight Press family, Bob Ritchie!

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