Thursday, February 2, 2012


 Armand Rosamilia had a post on Facebook yesterday about publishers who fail to mention the names of the authors within their anthologies. He was upset about it and rightfully so. Authors should be given their just rewards. After all, without them there would be no anthology.

I know I have mentioned the authors for SATAN'S TOYBOX: DEMONIC DOLLS before, but I will do it again now.

Thank you! You have all done a great job!

   Our authors are:

  Teel James Glenn
  Craig Saunders
  Lisamarie Lamb
  Henry Gravelle
  Sue Mydliak
  Stacey Turner
  Carson Buckingham 
  Phil Hickes
  Joe Mogel
  Lisa McCourt Hollar
  Armand Rosamilia
  Tim Finn
  Jason McKinney
  Scott M. Goriscak
  Jack Horne
  Rob M. Miller
  Steve W. Roberts
  J.G. Williams
  Blaze McRob

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