Thursday, January 19, 2012

The flash fiction piece and poem below were read on Joann H. Buchanan's radio show this week for Writers Wednesday. She thought they were particularly interesting in that they showed what could happen if we are not vigilant with protecting our rights. Voting for SOPA comes up soon. We need to act so our voices as writers remain free.

Change For The Sheep

     He stands on the top of the hill, looking towards the city. That's where they'll attack. All along he's known it, but no one would listen. His is just another voice of discontent, one to be quieted before the truth resonates in the ears of people still willing to reason.

     Twenty years of martial law. The land of the free no longer. The populace clamored for an end to terrorism, and they elected right-wingers so intent on seeing that happen that any way possible was used to employ the means of achieving the goal. Individual freedoms were taken away one by one.

     And still they didn't notice.

     Those in power did, though, and they worked hand in hand with the purveyors of industrial warfare to line the pockets of the upper echelon. Sometimes things are done to the point where those farther down the food chain, the bottom feeders trying to eke out an existence of mere survival, are forced into a position where the status quo must be challenged.

     Thus, the present situation: only two levels of humanity exist in the United States now; the top, and the bottom. There is no more middle class. The power-mongers have a plan to keep things that way.

     John returns to the huge bunker he has built in the watershed lands fifty miles to the west of New York City. Ten years in the making, but it's worth it. This should keep him and others like him away from the devastating blast when their own leaders fire a nuclear weapon at the city and claim that the Iranians did it. Of course, there will be retaliation by the supposed enraged leaders who will shout out that justice must be done.

     Armageddon. Swift and sure. Those in power won't stop with the Iranians: this is a ploy to take out every nation supposedly against us. Our allies will come to our defense, of course. The evidence will be irrefutable in their minds that these evil-doers will attack them as well.

     Those attacked will not stand idly by, either. While the U.S. and its allies will have the muscle power to demolish them, the world learned a valuable lesson from the war in 'Nam many years ago. Guerrilla warfare can overcome sheer numbers and greater firepower. They will employ it, and even if it doesn't win the war out right, the time table will be delayed and many more of the enemy will be killed. There will always be pockets of resistance.

     Here in the western hills of New Jersey, such a place exists. There is plenty of food and water to last the enclave of freedom fighters for a number of years. Arms and ammo are stored here as well. When it is safe, the survivors will come out into the light of a new day.

     Change. An unwelcome change to force the hands of those willing to take back what is theirs.

     One last look at the horizon and John and the others retreat to their safe haven. Within a few hours, everything will change.

     Forever . . .

     When darkness comes and light is gone,
     who then will see the leaders' con?
     For all they said will now be wrong,
     and even sheep will rue the song
     of those they followed into war
     to land of oh so distant shore.

     But there are those who know the truth,
     and they will fight 'gainst those uncouth
     enough to sacrifice their own
     that they themselves the power shown
     will hardly wish that less be wrought,
     and so they think they'll not be caught.

     Yet when the day does come around,
     and valiant men do hear the sound
     of freedom calls from all about,
     they will respond with joyous shout,
     and now the change upon the land
     will echo forth as righteous band.

Blaze McRob

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