Friday, January 27, 2012


DARKMEDIA city has 66 groups on one site. They also have advertising, blogs, songs, videos, and photos. Something for everyone. Vamplit, Netbound, and other great groups are there, as well as some of my favorite authors. I have to increase my presence on this valuable website.

I am particularly intrigued with some of the paranormal groups and need to get involved with them. If it involves horror, you'll find a group there.

Authors should find like-minded friends and readers. When they say, "Welcome To The City," they mean it! 
I wrote the above and posted it on the Blaze McRob blog a while back. I think it's good to have it here as well. Those of you interested in adding blogs where a lot of people can read them should enjoy this site. Of course, interfacing with friends there is good as well. Another place where you can give yourself and others a shout-out. 

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